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1on1 with Jon Evans

After 40 years in television news, you'd think I've asked every possible question. Not true. "1on1" gives me the chance to interview interesting, successful people in a different way, so we all learn something new about their journey. I hope you enjoy the conversations.

Apr 27, 2019

No one in John Ingram’s family had worked in law enforcement before he earned a deputy’s badge. He carries the memories of personal loss, using it to warn young people about the dangers of drinking and driving. Rising through the ranks to become sheriff of Brunswick County, John has seen new developments in the...

Apr 13, 2019

Lester Holt has traveled the world covering stories for NBC News. In September 2018, the job brought him to Wilmington as Hurricane Florence lashed out at the North Carolina coast. As the storm raged on, Lester witnessed firefighters feverishly working to rescue a trapped couple and their infant daughter. The...