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1on1 with Jon Evans

After 40 years in television news, you'd think I've asked every possible question. Not true. "1on1" gives me the chance to interview interesting, successful people in a different way, so we all learn something new about their journey. I hope you enjoy the conversations.

Jul 28, 2018

Early in his career, Sam Gore sold insurance as a second job while he worked as the “Voice of the UNCW Seahawks”. His goal was to become a network play-by-play sports announcer. Never wavering in his belief that God opens doors along the way, Sam took advantage of every opportunity and now has a “dream job”...

Jul 14, 2018

When Tiger, Phil, Sergio and Dustin finish their rounds of golf, Todd Lewis is one of the first people they meet. Lewis covers the best players in the world as a reporter for the Golf Channel. The North Carolina native shares memories from his life on the road and inside the ropes, years after getting his first...

Jul 7, 2018

Solomon Harvey’s athletic abilities took him to the finals on two network television shows, American Ninja Warrior and Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge. He’s now using those talents, along with his martial arts expertise, to grow a new career as a stuntman in the television and film industry.